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Recollection notes
"Mayday, Mayday, we're sinking..."  
17-авг-2012 06:45 pm
О знании языков, очень жизненно...))

What are you sinking about? :)
17-авг-2012 02:50 pm
и на всякий случай:), транскрипт:

"German coast guard official appoints a new guy to monitor the ships.
The officer leaves, and then a mayday call comes in:
Sailor: Mayday, mayday. Hello, can you hear us? Can you hear us? Can you … over. We’re sinking! We are sinking!

German Coastguard: Hello? This is the German Coastguard. (Allo, sis is se german coas gaad.)

Sailor: We’re sinking! We’re sinking!

German Coastguard: What are you thinking about? (Vat are yu sinking about?)
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